Bloom Coffee Shop

Open since a couple of months, Bloom Coffee Shop ( has quickly become one of my top tips to have a coffee in Luxembourg. Continue reading “Bloom Coffee Shop”


Cathy Goedert

This is definitively the new hotspot for breakfast/lunch/brunch in Luxembourg. Located in rue Chimay, at a prime location, this pâtisserie opened just a few weeks ago by very young (she is in her mid twenties) pâtissière Cathy Goedert.  Continue reading “Cathy Goedert”

Pavillon Madeleine by Léa Linster

I don’t think that Léa Linster needs anymore introduction. Omnipresent in the German media, this Luxembourgish chef has won the Bocuse d’or in 1989 as the first and only women since. Her restaurant in Frisange/Luxembourg has kept its one Michelin star ever since it received it (in 1987). A few years ago, Léa Linster opened a brasserie style restaurant with simple and delicious cuisine at very moderate prices.  Continue reading “Pavillon Madeleine by Léa Linster”

Casa Fabiana

Must an organic restaurant always be boring and serve bland food? Definitively not. As an amateur of organic food myself I have been quite delighted when this restaurant opened a few years ago in rue de Bonnevoie, between Place Wallis and Place de Paris, 5 minutes from the central station.  Continue reading “Casa Fabiana”

Loriers Comptoir Luxembourg

About a year ago, the exclusive Belgian traiteur Loriers has opened a new concept in Luxembourg city. Located at the ground floor of the new building of the Banque de Luxembourg at Boulevard Royal, this restaurant/brasserie is primarily thought to be a deluxe canteen for the employees of the bank and their clients. Continue reading “Loriers Comptoir Luxembourg”