Loom Gelateria 1900

Summer season is just around the corner, so get your sandals and bermuda shorts ready. Another essential item for summer is artisanal ice cream. I already raved about Bargello in Luxembourg (linklink) and Gelateria Artigianale in Lausanne (link). Continue reading “Loom Gelateria 1900”


La Bavaria

Are you afraid that vegans are taking over the culinary world? Fear not, as the brasserie La Bavaria (http://labavaria.ch) is still alive and kicking. Located in the mythical rue du Petit-chêne, one of the many very steep streets in Lausanne, La Bavaria is one of the oldest brasseries in Lausanne.

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Fratel e Napule

This should be a typical situation for a lot of you: Wednesday night, empty fridge, empty stomach but no motivation to get off your comfy couch. I quite honestly admit that this situation does not really happen to me as I tend to be quite organized, especially around food. So this Wednesday night pizza stay in was more of a planned scenario than a spontaneous action. Here’s my review on Fratel e Napule (http://www.pizzafratel.ch). Continue reading “Fratel e Napule”

Le Pointu

Located in a gorgeous Flatiron like building in rue Neuve, Le Pointu (http://www.le-pointu.ch) is the new place to be in Lausanne. Opened in September 2016, this new place for all day long breakfast, lunch, brunch, coffee, dinner and drinks, open 7 days a week, is a dynamic project of 6 École hôtelière de Lausanne graduates. They are joined by Swiss lifestyle blogger Sofia Clara responsible for the very popular Saturday and Sunday Brunch.  Continue reading “Le Pointu”